Reducing Energy Waste in Commercial Buildings

Did you know that commercial buildings alone use up more than 20% of the energy produced in the U.S.? And what’s worse, many commercial locations aren’t using that energy efficiently, leading to 30% of commercial energy going to waste. After all is said and done, it’s no wonder the world is currently faced with an energy crisis. Let’s look at reducing energy waste in commercial buildings.

Reducing Energy Waste in Commercial Buildings

It is critical to control energy more efficiently in commercial buildings of all sizes. Between climate and environmental controls, there are several updates you might need to make in your building to ensure that it is up to safety codes and uses energy efficiently. Below are some top tips shared by our electrician in Pico Rivera on reducing energy waste in commercial buildings of all sizes.

What Causes a Loss of Energy in Commercial Buildings?

There are many reasons why your commercial building might be losing a lot more energy than you realize. The biggest culprit is usually related to the HVAC systems in the building. Not only do these systems take up a huge chunk of energy needs day in and day out, but they also release emissions that make it difficult to achieve sustainability.

Additionally, light usage may play a role in overall energy waste. Turning light systems on and off can take a toll on your building’s energy supply. Lights can consume almost 20% of your total energy, with a lot of that going to waste.

How to Reduce Energy Waste ASAP

Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to reduce energy waste to a minimum. When you get in touch with your nearby commercial energy experts, you can ask about the following methods to ensure better efficiency in your building:

Add Natural Lighting

Lighting can take such a big toll on energy efficiency. So the easiest way to combat this is to reduce the need for lighting overall. Make room for natural lighting by installing windows facing south and north. Get rid of all the incandescent bulbs. They not only produce unnatural lighting that is bad for your health. But also contributes to the massive amount of energy waste that could be happening in your building right now.

Start Weatherizing

HVAC systems have to work harder when your windows and doors aren’t properly protected against outside weather patterns. Doors that aren’t weatherized can let in a lot of cold air through the cracks while letting all of the precious heat leaks out. This makes your heaters have to work more to maintain proper temperatures throughout the building.

If you weatherize your windows and doors, you can save a heap of energy (and a lot of money on your subsequent commercial energy bills). One idea: install revolving doors in your entrances. They prove to work up to eight times more energy-efficiently than regular doors.

Install Smart Technology

Smart thermostats can sync up with new or traditional HVAC systems to regulate indoor temperatures. By accessing the Internet, smart thermostats can read temperatures in different locations and access HVAC controls to ensure that the right amount of energy ends up being used.

Another possible option is smart lighting. Light systems can be programmed with motion detection sensors so they are only being used when they are absolutely needed. Replacing most of your lights with LED bulbs can offer a 90% energy efficiency rate, which is far better than older lighting options.

Increase Commercial Energy Efficiency Today

At Electric Bros, we offer a wide range of services and tools to help you with your company’s energy needs. Get in touch with our commercial electrician in Pico Rivera today to find out how much energy waste your commercial building is outputting on a regular basis and how you can increase its efficiency ASAP. Reduce emissions and reduce the money you spend on commercial energy bills when you invest in our energy-saving services today!