Sources of Energy Loss in Older Buildings

Old commercial buildings are beautiful and often have a lot of character. However, they can come with a host of issues. Energy loss can be a serious issue in an old commercial building. This is because they were not necessarily built with energy efficiency in mind. Consider the most common sources of energy loss in older buildings so you can address the issue right away.

Sources of Energy Loss in Older Buildings

Energy loss can lead to inefficiency and impact your electrical bill. Consider the following sources of energy loss if you are in an older building.

Faulty Electrical Wires:

Issues with your electrical system can inevitably impact efficiency in your building. They occur more often in older buildings because issues were likely addressed by a number of different electricians who utilized different methods and techniques. Things like outdated cables or discontinued products can lead to appliance issues and fire hazards.

The quality of electrical products used can inevitably lead to poor energy usage. It’s best to consult with an electrician in Pico Rivera. It’s likely you’ll need to replace everything if you are in an old building due to the risks associated with faulty electrical wires.

Structural Component Weaknesses:

Windows, insulation, siding, doors, and foundations can all contribute to energy loss. If there are any weaknesses in the structural components of your old building, it can allow energy to escape. This is often in the form of cracks, holes, or other openings. Deterioration occurs with any building, but older buildings that have not had proper maintenance can deteriorate at a faster rate and cause energy loss. It’s important to find those weaknesses and address them right away.

Incandescent Light Fixtures:

Outdated light fixtures can contribute to energy loss in your old building. Replacing the old light fixtures with LED light bulbs can improve the issue as they do not waste as much energy. It’s cost-effective to invest in new lighting as old lighting can continue to increase your electricity bill.

Building Entrances:

Just like with structural component weaknesses, building entrances can contribute to energy loss. Entrances are slightly different as people have to go in and out of them to enter and exit the building. It can be both beneficial and cost-effective to modernize your old buildings doors. Focusing on installing airtight doors can dramatically reduce energy inefficiencies.

HVAC Issues:

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (“HVAC”) should be regularly examined, especially in old buildings. They need to be optimized in order to avoid energy loss. Contact a professional industrial electrician in Pico Rivera so they can take a look at your system. Older HVAC systems with old ductwork and fans can waste energy and hike up your electricity bill. Replace your HVAC system if necessary. But have it examined at the very least to determine if it remains fully optimized.

Wasteful Power Sources:

It’s common for old buildings to run on wasteful power sources, such as coal or oil for power. These are non-renewable sources of energy and can not only impact your electricity bill, but also the planet. Consider switching to renewable alternatives like solar, wind, or geothermal. This can help mitigate energy loss and save you money.

Industrial Electrician in Pico Rivera

If you have an old commercial building and are concerned about energy loss, contact an industrial electrician right away. They can diagnose and effectively treat the issue so you no longer waste energy or money on your electrical bill. The team at Electric Brothers have years of skill in commercial, residential, and industrial electrical services. Contact Electric Brothers today to set up an appointment!