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Anyone who has gone even a day without air-conditioning during summer can tell you what an awful experience it was. The same goes for not having heating during a blistering cold day of winter. That’s why HVAC installation and repair is a crucial service around the world.

At Electric Brothers, we focus on being there for you for all your HVAC installation and repair needs, so you can live in comfortable temperatures all year round. Air-conditioning and heating are two things that you might not notice on a day-to-day basis, but you certainly miss them when they are gone.

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What Is HVAC?
HVAC stands for “heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning.” At Electric Brothers, we are proud to offer HVAC services from a group of trained professionals. Whether you need to install an HVAC system for the first time or you need emergency repairs, we are here for you.
What HVAC Installation and Repairs Services Do We Provide?
Our goal is to provide top-tier HVAC services at affordable prices to residents and businesses in and around the Pico Rivera area. We are proud to serve both commercial and residential clients, providing comprehensive air-conditioning and heating services to keep you comfortable all year.
Commercial HVAC
No matter what size your commercial building is, Electric Brothers can help. We pride ourselves on providing HVAC services that keep anyone and everyone within your commercial building comfortable at all times. If you need sudden repairs, we get on the job immediately. This way, there is minimal interference with the daily flow of work in your commercial building.
Residential HVAC
Being comfortable in your own home is of the utmost importance. With top-quality and reliable HVAC installation and repair, you can count on relaxing all year. Whether in the middle of winter or on a sweltering day in summer, Electric Brothers can take care of all your HVAC needs.
Industrial HVAC
Just because a building has an industrial purpose does not mean it can function without an HVAC system. Electric Brothers are here for setting up and maintaining industrial HVAC systems for a wide range of industries. ar.

Do I Need HVAC Repair?

Many people wait until an emergency before looking for HVAC maintenance. And, in these cases, Electric Brothers are here for you. We pride ourselves on speedy but effective repairs for HVAC systems. However, prevention is also key. There are two essential steps for ensuring the smooth functioning of your HVAC system.
Choose a Reliable Installation Company

Electric Brothers has installed countless HVAC systems, ensuring clients can be safe and comfortable in their environments. By choosing Electric Brothers, you can count on:

  • Timely installation process
  • Quality work
  • Professional-grade materials and appliances
Perform Regular Maintenance

In the long run, routine maintenance is less expensive than severe repairs. That is why we advise having regular inspections of your HVAC systems.

It is better to prevent a failure than to deal with the outcome. Anyone who has spent a day in 100-degree weather without air-conditioning can attest to the truth of this.

Signs You Need Repairs

If you notice any of the following signs, you might need repairs done. Whatever the time, Electric Brothers are here for you to get your HVAC system back up and functioning. Whether rain or shine, we will ensure a timely and complete repair to your system.

Loss of Function: If your interior is no longer at the desired temperature, you likely have a problem. This can take the form of limited airflow or airflow that is not the temperature set by your thermostat.

Unusual Noises: If you hear strange or unexpected noises coming from vents or appliances, you may be in need of repairs.

Leaking Water: Water leaking from vents, the ceiling, or appliances is a sure sign that something is wrong.

Frozen Coils: Usually, this sign is caught in routine maintenance and dealt with before it becomes a problem. But without maintenance, it can build up and significantly interfere with your system.

Get Your Free Quote Today

We know that choosing an HVAC installer can be a major step. That is why we aim to make the process hassle-free every step of the way. When you call for your HVAC installation or repair, we are upfront about the prices right away. We provide free quotes to every potential client, so you can make your decision with confidence knowing there are no hidden fees around the corner.

Schedule Your HVAC Installation or Repair Today

Having a functioning air-conditioning and heating system is vital to both residences and businesses of all varieties. But even more important is having a system that you can count on. Schedule your HVAC installation or repair today to ensure you can continue to live in a comfortable and safe temperature. We provide free estimates on all installation and repair services, so call us today to get started!

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