Common Industrial Electrical Components

It’s not every day that you are faced with a difficult electrical task that requires you to figure out how the whole building is wired. Although your best bet is to invest in electrical services in Pico Rivera whenever you are dealing with a problem at work, it is still important that you familiarize yourself with the main parts of the electrical system as well. Let’s go over common industrial electrical components.

Common Industrial Electrical Components

In this article, our Electric Brothers experts will review the most common industrial electrical components and how to handle them for your better knowledge. It’s a good idea to take note of how the different parts of your industrial system function before getting in touch with your local pros. You’ll find each part listed from most to least common in any given industrial setting.


Resistors are small components of a circuit that create the actual electrical resistance. This allows a certain amount of electricity to be generated and sent through the circuit. The resistance of the component lowers the voltage of each circuit to make the objects they power safe for use. Many of our household items would not be usable if they were not for resistors.


You may also find a lot of capacitors when examining common industrial electrical components. Opposite to resistors, capacitors store and hold onto electrical charges. They are like batteries in that they can provide charging power to something they are connected to, although they do not generate any electricity themselves.


One of the biggest and most essential elements of any industrial electrical system, transistors control the actual voltage of the electricity that flows between two endpoints. Transistors keep the voltage consistent so that machines can continue to operate smoothly and without danger.


A diode is a special part that contains two terminals. It has the very special ability to change the electrical flow so that it only goes in one direction. These two parts of the diode – the anode and the cathode – transform alternating current into direct current. Without diodes, many of our modern pieces of equipment wouldn’t exist or be very functional.


Sometimes called reactors, inductors are important yet passive parts of a circuit. They can store surplus energy created by the circuit, and can likewise provide energy when a circuit needs it. Inductors on their own are passive components of the system, but necessary for consistent energy flow.

Why You Need a Professional Industrial Electrical Crew By Your Side

Everyone has done a little bit of DIY repair from time to time. When dealing with electrical matters in the home, it is understandable to try and take on a task yourself. But when it comes to an industrial electrical system, you might be putting yourself and others at risk by tinkering with unfamiliar parts. There remain much bigger risks involved in industrial repair that could end up costing you your job or even your life. When in doubt, get in touch with your local electrical professionals for any industrial or commercial needs.

Get Experienced Electrical Service in Your Building ASAP

No electrical issue is too big or small for our professional industrial electrician in Pico Rivera. As you familiarize yourself with the most common industrial electrical components that make up a typical circuit, think about what kind of issues you may be facing in your building. Get in touch with our experts at Electric Brothers today. You can learn more about our premier electrical services in Pico Rivera. We’ll visit your building and offer quick and professional services while setting you up with a protection plan to ensure your equipment stays functional for the long run. Call us today!