Should I Run AC All Day in Summer?

Depending on where you live, the summer heat can be grueling. For those days when it’s impossible to be outdoors, you will likely want to be inside your home in the AC all day. While your trusted AC can help you stay cool, you may wonder, should I run AC all day in summer? Below you will find the respective advantages and disadvantages of running your AC all day when it’s hot out.

Should I Run AC All Day in Summer?

Running your AC is more than just about being comfortable. In fact, prolonged exposure to heat can cause serious health issues. Things like dehydration, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and even heat-related exacerbation of pre-existing conditions can seriously impact your health. Because of this, it is understandable why you would want to run your AC all day in the summertime.

Keeping your AC on all day in the summer is fine, as it can help maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature in your home. When looking at the potential disadvantages, they do not add up to the serious health risks associated with high heat. If you are not at high risk for these health issues, there are benefits to turning your AC on and off throughout the day.

Disadvantages of Running Your AC All Day

Running your AC all day can lead to some disadvantages, as it can raise your electricity bill and put excess pressure on your AC. This pressure can lead to your AC malfunctioning or not working altogether. Because of this, it’s advisable to give your AC a rest throughout the day. ACs that run all day can lead to a number of issues. Consider the following and seek assistance from top-rated electrician services if you notice any of the following.

Blocked Airflow:

Running your AC all day can lead to blocked airflow. Your AC system should take about 15 to 20 minutes to cool your space, depending on how big it is. If the airflow is blocked, this can take longer as the AC system needs more energy to function. This can result in less cooking and weak airflow. Regular maintenance checks and giving your AC a rest throughout the day can reduce the risk of airflow issues.

Dirty Parts:

Running your AC all day can result in a dirty condenser or evaporator coil. This can make it difficult for your AC to absorb heat from the air. This can result in less cool (and even warm air) coming from the vents. Hiring a professional to effectively clean your AC can be beneficial. They can also advise you on how to keep your AC in good shape for the long run.

Refrigerant Issues:

If your AC has a low level of refrigerant, it can cause your AC to continue to run all day. This problem is often accompanied by weird noises, such as hissing or bubbling. Avoid letting this issue go for too long, as it can put intense pressure on your AC. A skilled professional can assess the issue and get your AC running smoothly again.

Air Conditioner Installation

If you live in a hot location or need to get your AC fixed, consider the team at Electric Brothers. They are skilled in air conditioner installation and repair. They can also provide helpful advice on how to maintain your AC in the long run. One key way to do this is to change the setting of your AC to “auto.” This can ensure that you stay cool as the AC will maintain the temperature that you want. However, it will also shut off on its own once your room has achieved the desired temperature. Be sure and schedule an annual maintenance check with the team at Electric Brothers!