Ways to Save Building Energy

Anyone who constructs a building must be concerned about energy efficiency. This makes energy-efficient building strategies even more important. There are many options available to make a commercial building as efficient as possible. Let’s look at ways to save building energy.

Ways to Save Building Energy

It’s not surprising that building owners are always looking for ways to cut costs, with the majority of building expenses being attributed to energy bills. High energy costs and the need to reduce consumption are two factors that can be considered. In this article, your commercial electrician in Pico Rivera will talk about the best ways to save building energy and drastically cut down on electric bill costs.

Add Daylight Controls

Using up energy to light up spaces that already have plenty of natural light just doesn’t make sense. A host of daylighting controls automatically reduce electric light levels based on the amount of natural light available through various windows. These devices, such as dimmers and photosensors, can greatly reduce the amount of energy consumed on a daily basis.

Invest in Occupancy Sensors

Some areas of a facility may not have use for long periods of time during work hours, such as restrooms, conference rooms, and storage rooms. Add these areas to the energy consumption and cost of unoccupied spaces after hours and you can quickly add up. The juice can be turned off by occupancy sensors in rooms and areas.

Budgeting can be difficult. Start small with occupancy sensors installed in spaces that are least occupied, then gradually expand coverage based on your energy expenses and needs. This can give you a bit of a boost in your electrical bills each month!

Add an Advanced Water Heating System

Each building requires a heat source to heat its water. Water heating accounts for approximately 15% of all energy costs in buildings. It is one of the largest expenses likely to show up on your monthly expense report. You can improve the water heating strategy of your building to reduce energy consumption.

The solar-powered water heater is gaining popularity. The heater heats water using solar energy. This allows the building to reduce its energy consumption by a large margin. A tankless water heater, or a heat pump water heater might be an option. These can help you save a lot of money on heating water in buildings.

Update Your Lighting

Your choice of lighting can also impact the energy cost of your building. Consider using LED bulbs whenever possible, and adding other energy-efficient lighting options such as dimmers, timers and photocells. You could also use compact fluorescent lamps or halogen incandescents. These are both energy-efficient lighting options, compared to regular bulbs.

Get Proper Ventilation

Ventilation is essential for a well-ventilated building. Spot-ventilation systems such as exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens can be installed to reduce energy loss and keep the air inside your building clean. This will help you to save energy and counterbalance your airtight design by providing a simple, efficient way to maintain indoor air quality.

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